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Ancient Ways To Calculate Age For All Types of Human Being

Bihar Sarkari Result
5 Min Read

Ancient Ways To Calculate Age

Have you ever thought about how ancient people used to calculate age? If you do not know, this article will let you know for sure. In ancient times, there were a lot of technological methods that people used for calculating their accurate ages. Before the development of the age calculator and modern technology, there were very interesting and astonishing ways to estimate the age of people.

Let’s discuss more about these astronomical observations!

Sundials and Shadows:

Observing shadow casts by the Sun was one of the most used ways to calculate age in the past. Ancient Greeks & Egyptians were most used to this method. They utilized the position of a shadow to mark different hours of the clock. Not only this, they used these marks to label months and years as well.

It was the length and the direction of the shadows that always helped those people forecast different time zones in a single day. Not only calculating age, but this method also helped them to examine the universe and the motion of the Sun in the solar system.

Lunar and Solar Calendars:

Moon Phases:

Another popular technique for calculating age and time was to follow the lunar cycle. The lunar phases served as the foundation for numerous ancient calendars, including those used by the Chinese and Hebrews.

People could estimate the passage of time over a year by observing these cycles, which each full moon represented as a full cycle or month. For agricultural communities, whose planting and harvesting coincided with lunar phases, this technique was especially crucial.

The Sun Year:

The other key component of ancient timekeeping was the solar year, which was established by the rotation of the Earth around the sun. Complicated solar calendars were created by societies such as the Mayans and the Egyptians.

These calendars affected how people measured age and marked important life events. They were not only essential to agriculture but also had a big impact on religious and cultural life.

Tree Rings: Nature’s Age Calculator:

In ancient times, tree rings were named the age calculators designed by Nature itself. According to this method, people could calculate the total rings in a particular cross-section of a tree to estimate the age of the people.

Still, at present times, this method is used by science fiction experts and they call it by the name of dendrochronology. The calculations of the width and length of the tree parts also revealed different knowledge about the climatic conditions changing in a certain area of land.

Stars and Astronomy:

Astronomers in the past used star observations to measure time. Celestial movements provided the basis for the sophisticated systems built by cultures such as the Chinese, Native American tribes, and Babylonians.

These techniques were utilized not just for calculating ages but also for arranging agricultural activities, navigation, and seasonal prediction. People were guided in their daily and annual activities by the alignment of specific stars and constellations at different periods of the year, which served as a celestial calendar.

Water Clocks:

Many ancient cultures, including the Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians, employed water clocks. The amount of water that flowed from one container to another was used by these clocks to measure time.

They were important for longer-trm timekeeping even though they were mainly employed to monitor shorter timeframes. These water clocks came in a wide range of designs, some of which were extremely complex and included gears and other mechanisms to increase accuracy.


Ancient societies developed a variety of methods for measuring time and to calculate age, from sundials to lunar calendars, from tree rings to star surveys. These techniques represented the knowledge, creativity, and keen observational abilities of our ancestors, They were more than just useful instruments.

The inventiveness of these old techniques still fascinates and inspires us in this day of digital age calculators. They serve as a reminder of the close ties our predecessors had to the natural world and the universe.

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